Defend Your Parental Rights

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Children are often the ones most deeply affected by divorce. Every child deserves to be raised in a loving and nurturing environment. Are you battling for your child custody rights? Contact The Ratliff Law Firm, PLLC to retain a compassionate family attorney in Blacksburg VA, the New River Valley and surrounding areas.

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Continue to have a say in your child's future

Having custody of your child gives you the power to make important life decisions that will impact their future. Your child custody attorney will defend your rights to:

  • Stay involved in your child's education
  • Determine if and when you see your child
  • Make decisions about healthcare

Continue to play a vital role in your child's life. Whether you're seeking custody after divorce, changing custody or establishing new custody, contact The Ratliff Law Firm, PLLC today to give yourself the best chance for success.