Don't Let Drug Charges Affect Your Future

Get help from a criminal defense attorney in Blacksburg, VA

Being convicted of drug possession could cost you your reputation, job and freedom. If your future is on the line because of a drug-related charge, reach out to The Ratliff Law Firm, PLLC. We've helped countless clients in Blacksburg, VA and the New River Valley area who were arrested for drug possession.

Our criminal defense attorney understands that no two drug cases are the same and will tailor your defense to your specific situation. Call now to start working on your case with an experienced attorney.

A drug conviction could affect your ability to get into college

If you're a student, a drug possession charge could seriously impact your education. College admissions officers will look at your criminal background, and a drug conviction could be the difference between getting into your dream school and getting rejection letters.

Are you already in college? A drug conviction could cause you to lose your federal student loans. It could also keep you from being employed in certain fields.

Don't let your bright future slip away. Contact us today to speak with a criminal defense attorney about your drug possession charge.