What to Do If You're Charged With Public Intoxication

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In Virginia, it's against the law to be publicly drunk. While public intoxication is not a jailable offense, that doesn't mean you shouldn't take the charge seriously. Don't let a public intoxication arrest ruin your permanent record. Hire a criminal defense attorney at The Ratliff Law Firm, PLLC in Blacksburg, VA.

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What is considered a public place?

If your private party strays into public view, you could be charged with public intoxication. Public spaces could include....

  • A park
  • A restaurant
  • A lawn, patio or balcony that is visible to the public

If you're facing public intoxication charges, don't just pay the fine and move on. Contact The Ratliff Law Firm today to speak with a criminal defense attorney in Blacksburg, VA. We also serve clients in New River Valley and the surrounding areas.